• Prof. Nick Klomp
    DVC(A) and Vice-President Prof. Nick Klomp commending the graduating cohort


Last week, over 2,400 students graduated from the University of Canberra with a degree (or two) in hand. Students graduated with degrees from all our faculties across the eight ceremonies. Amongst the graduates were the very first cohort of students from the Bachelor of Physiotherapy and the Bachelor of Pharmacy degrees, now fully accredited for their future careers.

Among the students, paraplegic Paul Jenkins walked across the stage in a robotic exoskeleton to collect his Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Applied Economics, Madeleine Dove was awarded her Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and is continuing her project to look at the legal issues surrounding cybercrime, and Caroline Gouws was the first student to graduate with a Bachelor of Human Nutrition (Honours) with first class honours.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic) Professor Nick Klomp congratulated all students at the ceremonies as he stepped in as acting Vice-Chancellor for the week, accompanying Council members, Deans, academic staff and guest speakers in the academic procession on stage in the Great Hall.



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