The UC Entrepreneurship Unit 6349 has the option of twenty hours of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) for students to dip their toes into entrepreneurial waters. 50 per cent of students selected the WIL option from a range of 17 social enterprise and innovation projects. Four groups of WIL were linked together under the theme of technologies for the future: Robot Crowd, Augmented Reality Team (AR), RR’s Music Team and Carli Facchini, Robot Crowd team event organiser.

Robot Crowd was established to crowd funds to buy a NAO Robot for BGL entrepreneurship students to understand the Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence InterFace. All students raised funds through a micro finance assessment activity, which has collected $2,122.00 so far towards the price of a NAO robot and has helped increase awareness for the crowd funding site, which is to be launched later this year.

The Robot Crowd student team leader, Shubham Kandel from Mude Design and the rest of the student team would like to acknowledge the help and contributions from teams and technologies towards the support provided for Robot Crowd: Roland Goecke, the Deputy Director of the Human-Centred Computing Laboratory and his colleague Damith Herath, and the Augmented Reality team which was supervised by Joelle Le and Alex Ow from Teaching and Learning and its student team leader Ian Dudley, from Anvil Design Studio. The Augmented Reality team also provided Robot Crowd with the Meet the Machine augmented reality for posters, t-shirts and marketing to support the project, Rohan Reece, UC music student and manager of Rock’s Cool, provided the music for the projects, and RR’s Music Team provided Rock’s Cool with a refreshed social media profile.

For more information on the project, please contact Diane Phillips.

Robot Crowd

Entrepreneurship students demonstrate how augmented reality is used by the Robot Crowd



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