The InterFace Student Experience Questionnaire (ISEQ) will be conducted twice this Winter Term. The first ISEQ survey was in Week 3 and the second will be open throughout Week 7 (10 – 17 July). ISEQ results will increasingly inform our educational designs and professional discussions, so it’s vital we collectively encourage student participation. Nothing is more effective than your own voice being heard by students as they engage with your teaching and respond to your genuine calls for feedback.

The Week 7 version of ISEQ seeks feedback on students’ perception of their own engagement, and satisfaction with the Unit’s professional application and support strategies; with an open text prompt to finish.

For any queries regarding ISEQ, please contact Karen Halley or Tim Grace.


Student Satisfaction Comments

In addition to providing periodic feedback via ISEQ, students can give written feedback on the unit at any time via InterFace, giving unit conveners immediate insights into their class. If you are a unit convener, please ensure that you read your comments and let students know you have read it, closing the feedback loop. Analysis of the student satisfaction comments left in InterFace during 2016 show that students have been very forthcoming in providing constructive feedback. Prizes are being awarded to the students who provided most comments during 2016.


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