Teaching and Learning has been trialling the use of 3D printing and is now making 3D printing services available through the UC Library. Two printers have been purchased and are being serviced through an agreement with Aussie3D. As part of the introduction of the 3D printing service, an open event was held on Wednesday 5 July and was attended by staff and students from across the University, and was introduced by Faculty of Health Dean, Professor Diane Gibson.

A 3D printer takes a digital file containing a model and melts plastic material into thick layers which build up to create the model as a three-dimensional product. 3D printing gives the opportunity to turn ideas into working prototypes relating to your assignment or research. The maximum dimensions of objects for the Library 3D printers are 235mm x 255mm x 195mm.


3D printing presentation

3D printing presentation by Teaching and Learning


3D printed dress

3D printed dress designed by Charne Esterhuizen

The event displayed a range of items printed by UC’s 3D printers from open source designs, as well as a 3D printed dress, created and displayed by fashion designer, Charne Esterhuizen, and printed at Aussie3D. Neil Sharwood, Chief Operations Officer of the Australian 3D Manufacturing Association, spoke in glowing terms about the future of 3D printing in Australia and internationally.

Information about how to access the 3D printing service, including prices, can be found on the Library webpage. The two 3D Printers will be located in the Library foyer on Level B. Any questions or enquiries about 3D printing can be sent to the 3D Printing team.


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