Dr Blooma John, School of Information Systems and Accounting, Faculty of Business Government and Law, introduced HoloLens to 150 students taking Information Systems in Organisations and Management Information Systems G, to give them insights into future technology. Microsoft HoloLens, a self-contained, holographic computer, enabled students to engage with digital content and interact with holograms in their classroom. HoloLens was used in nine different tutorials and gave students a mixed reality view of HoloTour and HoloStudio applications.

Students enjoyed their learning experience in mixed reality by using this innovative technology. To quote a student’s feedback about HoloLens: “It was amazing to experience a place away from the classroom, and also be taken back to historical periods and move around and view the place as if you were there.”

Dr John would like to acknowledge the time and support from UC Teaching and Learning Centre particularly Ms Emily Rutherford, Ms Joelle Le and Mr Richard Vuckovic. She would also like to acknowledge participation and effort of her teaching team, Mr Solomon Tegabala, Mr Jayan Kurian, Ms Kaylene Reid, and Ms Jessica Eustace in introducing HoloLens to students. Special thanks to Professor Robert Fitzgerald for offering a guest lecture to students about “The Future of Education: Visualisation and Mixed-reality learning” and for also helping to facilitate mixed reality experience in classroom with HoloLens.

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