Beneath a new umbrella (Advance HE), the Higher Education Academy (HEA) remains an internationally accredited form of fellowship and, as such, an avenue for demonstrating commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education. With recognised attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework, Professor Sally Burford (Senior Fellow) and Assistant Professor Rati Jani (Fellow) have both been welcomed into the Fellowship with due regard for their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning.

Sally Burford is the Associate Dean of Education in the Faculty of Arts and Design, and the Head of School for Art & Communication. Sally’s educational interests and motivations are drawn from a wide range of theoretical frames and experiences that underpin her practice. From micro-investigations exploring processes of collaborative learning in online learning environments, to macro-studies seeking to re-conceptualise and re-position tertiary information education for the 21st Century, Sally has an ever present interest in transformative teaching practices. In presenting two case studies to HEA, Sally highlighted her pivotal leadership role in developing third party collaborations with TAFE Queensland and also her focus on evidence-based quality improvements that promote teaching excellence. Ongoing, Sally continues to foster her interest in cooperative education, attending to student learning that is situated, tacit and emergent and cannot be prescribed in advance.

Rati Jani is an Assistant Professor Nutrition and Dietetics in the Faculty of Health and also the Domain Lead ‘Community and Public Health Nutrition’ in the School of Clinical Sciences. When not conducting research and convening graduate courses, Rati is currently engaged in curriculum development initiatives that ensure UC’s teaching practices are successfully bench-marked against national and international standards. In making her claim to an HEA Fellowship, Rati cited three factors that motivate her contemporary teaching approaches: technology supported learning; equal study opportunities; and the promotion of student engagement through knowledge-exchange. With Rati’s ongoing commitment to Teaching Excellence we look forward to sharing her enthusiasm for Simulated Learning environments and Assessment Practices that provide students with authentic learning opportunities for work-ready success.

If you’re interested in applying for an HEA Fellowship, you have the University’s full encouragement. To get things started, please contact with Tim Grace and visit the HEA (Advance HE) website where you’ll find a one-stop-shop of helpful resources.

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