Are you a Researcher?  AAAAA

Would you like to boost your citation count?

Have you considered publishing in an Open Access journal?

Open Access journals use the same method of peer review as traditional journals, however they make your research more readably available to a wider audience of people.


Getting your research out there makes a difference!


Recent ground breaking scientific advances that were achieved due to open access publishing included

  • HIV personal test kits
  • the Smartphone microscope
  • the ability to calculate the impact of ecotourism on threatened species world wide

These researchers got their research out thereand made it possible for all researchers to immediately see their work, cite it and collaborate.

If you are interested in making your research more accessible check out the links below and talk to your Liaison Librarian about open access.

What is open access?

Why make work open access?

Dilemmas of the traditional publishing model – clip

Researchers who started their own open access journals – clip

Directory of Australian open access journals

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