“Discover More”…in the Library.

Following on from Library & Information Week (23-29 May) and the “Discover More” theme, the Library have put together a small collection of books & reports from our rare and Deposit collection highlighting the history of the University of Canberra Library. Housed in the Library display case on Level B, we encourage you all to visit and have a read of some early interesting facts as to how the Library came to be way back in 1968-69.

We pose the question “Why was the Library never officially opened, but the plaque uncovered in the Library archives, dated 1972? It remains a mystery, but the plaque is included in our display.

Can you provide some insights? The Library is encouraging all UC staff  to share any thoughts and experiences of their time within the Library. Perhaps you know of staff or students who would love to share their Library stories as well? All stories, snippets and quotes can be emailed to loans@canberra.edu.au

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