Ours is a joyful profession, with many happy moments dotting our daily lives. Two such moments stand out for me miles above any other, year after year: Commencement and Graduation. The first brings a fresh wave of enthusiastic new faces to the University, renewing and reinvigorating the community that we are privileged to be part of. The second is a celebration of the success of our mission and a twice-a-year reminder of why we are here.

As we prepare to formally welcome our new and returning students at tomorrow’s Commencement Ceremony, there’s a refreshing air of anticipation around the campus. I have been feeling a bounce in my own step and an eagerness for tomorrow to arrive. I have much to share with our students and with the UC community at large: Our newest student residence, which opened just last week; our state-of-the-art Medical Radiation Science Laboratory in our Faculty of Health; the University of Canberra Public Hospital building that is rising rapidly in the northwest corner of the campus; our ground-breaking research in STEM education; progress on the next strategic vision for UC; our bold and unique campus development plan; and so on…

UC’s star has been on a dramatic rise, especially over the past decade. Ours is an unfolding story of success and impact, written collectively by our inspiring staff and students and is being told not just by us but by the world – notably through the global rankings. This story is only beginning, and as we write its next chapter and the one after, let us remember that the most exhilarating plots lie hidden along the roads less travelled. These will be harder to find and harder still to turn into real stories, but it is precisely through disciplined focus on this pursuit of differentiated excellence that we will position UC as the university that delivers futures.

So, dear friends, I welcome you warmly to the 2017-18 academic year with excited anticipation and high hopes. Let’s get on with our story writing!



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