Yesterday was R U OK Day. This initiative, led by our very own UC alumnus Brendan Maher, aims to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life through this year’s campaign theme: “You’ve got what it takes”.

A mind at peace is really a prerequisite for learning and creative thought. So, what a thoughtful initiative this is.

The University was filled with free food, balloons, post-it note activities and conversation corners. I am consistently inspired by UC’s ability to fill the dark elements of our lives with light, and yesterday was a great example of it. Everyone on the campus came together wonderfully and without question for the sake of supporting the person beside them. Well done!

We have medical and counselling services available on campus for anyone in our UC family who feels they need support. Additionally, the R U OK Day website has some excellent everyday resources for those battling with the heavier moments of life, as well as has some helpful conversation-tips for friends, family or co-workers looking to talk to someone who is struggling.

UC has championed this initiative since the beginning, and this year I believe we’ve all pooled together what it takes to look out for one another and support those around us.


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