The University of Canberra aims to be the national sector leader in equity, diversity, inclusion and access. We embrace the value of different backgrounds, ethnicity, gender and/or religion and how this enriches our community.

I was delighted to share these values in an article published in the Canberra Times today.



2 comments on “Being the only non-Anglo VC in Australia

  • I always thought “Anglo” meant “descendent of the British Isles”, as per the Oxford Dictionary. Brian Schmidt, I’d assume, is not Anglo. More likely German. Jane den Hollander – well, her name literally means “Jane the Dutchman!” Linda Kristjanson, VC at Swinburne, doesn’t sound Anglo to me, nor does Peter Høj, who is VC at UQ and was, in any case, born in Denmark.

    So perhaps the VC means “non-white”?

  • This is good to see. Hopefully prompts other universities to take a closer look at themselves; diversity at the VC level is long overdue.

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