As I began my third year at the University of Canberra today, I thought it was an appropriate moment to reflect back on my time here and also to look ahead.

To say that the past two years have been busy and full of activity would be an understatement. We’ve gone through a lot and accomplished much together: The University has been thoroughly restructured and refocused to meet the challenges and seize opportunities that lie ahead; we have a new strategic plan–Distinctive by Design–and have already made much progress toward our next set of ambitious goals, especially in creating a tighter teaching-research nexus; university-wide revitalisation of curriculum that is now in final stages; launching a major workforce renewal campaign; introducing a co-designed performance-management framework; establishing new international partnerships and raising international student enrolment; major advances in campus development; redoubled focus on student satisfaction, experiential learning and entrepreneurship; and stabilising the University’s financial position despite a challenging 2017-MYEFO. There is much more…

These are your successes and achievements, founded on the plans and initiatives collectively conceived and implemented by you. Many thanks!

Look around and you will notice that one salient feature of institutions that achieve greatness is that their members understand and commit to a long-term vision and mission. Great institutions are built by the hard work of multiple generations. While tactics may change, the vision remains largely consistent. We have experimented with various options over the past 28 years, but the time has now come for us to make that much-needed long-term commitment. I believe that we have collectively laid down this vision in Distinctive by Design and Belinda Robinson, our new Vice-President of University Relations and Strategy, is now leading an exciting project to develop a crisp and short statement that we can all own as the proverbial mantra of our shared identity and aspirations.

Happy second anniversary of our time together! Let’s move forward with resolve.

4 comments on “Year three begins… with much to look forward to

  • Congrats. I hope we can improve our ranking in research as well. Being 2nd last in research in Australia is not good. Teaching workload for staff who are capable of doing good quality research are significantly higher than any other academic institution in the region.

  • Happy third year and second anniversary! Looking forward to the ship stabilising a little with many more exciting projects on the horizon.

  • Happy second anniversary! Lots of positives did take place over the last two years and still many challenges ahead. Awaiting for more and more! It is a big load! Good luck!

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